ASTRA-A-QUARTZ COVE-REZ resin is a thixotropic version of ASTRA-A-QUARTZ resin “Regular”. It may be used with any of the ASTRA-A-QUARTZ hardeners. This product was specifically designed for vertical applications where extra sag resistance is required. Upon mixing, the viscosity drops significantly which makes mixing and handling easy. However, when the mixing blade is removed the viscosity rises once again. This added viscosity makes cove work easier and more efficient, while maintaining the toughness and chemical resistance found in ASTRA-A-QUARTZ “Regular” resin.


ASTRA-A-DSAG Epoxy Flooring and Coving base is a combination of 100% solids epoxy. The epoxy and the quartz aggregate are fused together during application into a monolithic surface and a great bond for wall and floor that is extremely durable. ASTRA-A-DSAG COVE BASE is similar in application technique, durability and chemical resistance to the time tested ASTRA-A-COV TEX. It is available in three differenttextures; standard non-skid, orange peel and smooth.

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